We are innovators in the in-situ bio-remediation sector.

Our research brings a state of the art solution, also for your project!


Successful Site Remediation

With the aim of maintaining maximum budget and legal security, environmental and financial risks must be avoided or managed.

Today, we are able to provide land recycling with a sustainable and successful cost-benefit effect.


Site development through land recycling

Who is it that actually takes care of the legacies of past years?
Our one-stop-shop concept for sustainable site redevelopment.

We commercialise your land. Value enhancement through bio-remediation.


In this way, we help to achieve important global environmental goals.

Competent in all relevant topics of bioremediation, we see ourselves as co-creators of ecological change. Our technology is biological, fast and cost-effective.

Geobality x Altlasten In-Situ Biosanierung

Remediation of contaminated industrial and commercial sites

In-situ remediation saves expensive transport and landfill costs. In combination with a reduced use of machinery, this reduces the overall costs.

Geobality Sanierung von Grundwasser

Protection and remediation of groundwater.

If pollutants have penetrated the soil, they can also reach the groundwater and spread quickly and widely. It is therefore necessary to contain the damage as quickly as possible.

Geobality Landwirtschaft

PFAS - the "eternal chemicals“

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, PFAS for short, are not naturally occuring substances and are known as "eternal chemicals". They are found in products such as Teflon pans, shampoos...

Geobality Sanierung von Grundwasser

Webinars and seminars

In our events, we address current topics that are important for your work. We are currently offering a series of events on the topic of "Brownfield Management and PFAS".

The contamination of soils by pollutants has global relevance.


sites in Europe are potentially contaminated with heavy metals and organic pollutants.¹


sites in the USA need remediation.²

256 km²

of land in China contain heavy metals and other pollutants that exceed soil quality standards. ³

You ask - We answer!


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